Together, We will build a community to unify the ever expanding cryptocurrency market.

The Unified Exchange – Explained

Integrated Social System

Social platforms are the way of the future, enabling traders to take their experience to the next level. Increase both your trading power and social reach by sharing real time trades with your followers!

24/7 Support Staff

Exchange support is one of our priorities. You will have the ability to submit tickets or talk to a live support agent anytime!

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Third party modules

Create custom applications to increase your trading reach and power. Developers can enhance the way they and others can trade!

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Hard Fork support

When it comes to Hard forks, we have your back. We will support every fork offered and allow you to withdraw your coins without issues!

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Social Features

The Unified Exchange will combine social aspects in trading and information sharing through the use of the Unified Exchange token (UXT). Aside from being a centralized platform which offers all the benefits that entails, the Unified Exchange platform will also deliver the following features

Social Media Alignment

A platform dedicated to aligning users of social media and cryptocurrencies in one space and serve as the much-needed platform for seamless interaction between crypto traders and those using popular social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Bitcointalk, etc.

Skilled Trader Subscription

Gain subscribers and sell subscription services for advanced trades and expert chart analytics, Or give them away for free!


The Unified Exchange platform will incorporate a 24/7 support system, utilizing ambassadors to assist users in various languages.

Cross-Exchange Social System

A browser add-on will provide an overlay to existing trading websites. Various functions in the add-on will gather information used on other trading websites (with the user’s permission). These overlays will incorporate chats, notifications, and alerts, including customizable alerts chosen by the user.

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Crowdsale Distribution & Allocation

Token Distribution

Exchange System

50,000,000 UXT is earmarked for traders on the exchange to acquire UXT tokens to pay for numerous services


10,000,000 UXT is allotted to the team and brains behind the Unified Exchange platform.


1,000,000 UXT will be designated for Founders (Early Community Members).


30,000,000 UXT Tokens will be  allocated to satisfy all five rounds of the Crowdfunding.


9,000,000 UXT is set aside for bounties, security, and unrealized costs.

Token Allocation


Developing the Unified Exchange with a superior Trading Platform, Social Addons,  and 27/7 Support System will be costly and will be allotted a higher percentage of funds.


Operations includes hiring new staff, leasing high end servers & Office Space, etc.


Security is #1 priority and will require a dedicated team of experts to make our exchange air tight including ongoing security audits.


We’ll need to get the word out and to a LOT of people so we are budgeting 20% to cover long term Marketing. 


Establishing the Unified Exchange and developing future partnerships will require an extesive amount of Legal Assistance.

Meet The Team

After the developement of The Unified Society, the founders sought out a team of professionals that are not only dedicated to the vision but also share the common interest of unifying cryptocurrency’s alike. 

Ryan McMahan

Co-Founder & CEO

Randy Becker

Co-Founder & CFO

Carl Lindsey

Core Developer


Lead Web Developer


Technical Advisor

Cory Johnson

Technical Advisor

Douglas Donal

Content Developer


Moderation &
Social Media

Justin Soga

Marketing & PR

Adam Basque

Marketing & PR

Ben Marchant

Marketing & PR 

Such Fear Much Wow




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United We Stand

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